Sharing Space with Family Members

There was a time when family members lived together in one residence. When a child got married, the new spouse would often move in and help maintain the home and property. Today, families often don’t live within distance of each other, but this appears to be changing. Many couples now find they have three generations or more living under the same roof. This is due in part to financial considerations and is also the result of couples waiting longer to have children. How do families cope when combining households? Storage Units in Bronx NY can be of great help at this time.

Making It Work

Any time two people share a space, disagreements will arise. The key to minimizing these disagreements is to make certain every person has a space they can call their own, yet this can be difficult when combining households. This is especially true when a couple finds they have their elderly parents living with them and an adult child needs to move back home with all of their belongings. Self Storage Units in Bronx NY can be used to house the possessions of the adult child and the aging parents as well as some of the belongings of the homeowners. This makes more space in the residence to house everyone.

Deciding What to Store

Determining which items should be stored and which should be placed in the home for use can be difficult. The key to doing so is to compromise. Figure out who has enough dishes to feed all residents of the home and use those. Each family member keeps the clothing they need for the current season and other items make their way to Self Storage Units. When it comes to furniture, it’s often best to leave items in place within the home. This minimizes the amount of moving that has to be done. The only exception to this is furniture of the elderly parents, as this will likely be their last move. If the homeowner will be the recipient of any furnishings upon their demise, the family may wish to begin using these pieces now. The furniture that will be replaced can either be stored or disposed of in another way.

Self Storage Facilities in the Bronx can offer more suggestions on how to combine households in this situation. Moving in together is never easy, as each party is used to their own space. By finding a way to give each person a small section of the home for their own personal use, families find it easier to make this transition. Keep this in mind and make full use of self storage units to keep peace within the home whenever possible.


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